A Few Tips for Overcoming Addiction as an Executive

As someone in charge, you might find yourself more susceptible to addiction. The added stress and anxiety of being in a higher position can be excessive – and it can affect you both mentally and physically.

Oftentimes, executives or others high up in a professional position can find themselves struggling with addiction. It can begin as a pastime at high-end parties or even just for a release as a way to escape the struggles and stress from the day.

But, rarely will those in a higher up position seek help. It can be hard to come to terms with your addiction and more importantly, you fear that you could lose your position if you seek help.

Drug abuse and addiction can be the result of something called burnout. Burnout is simply when you get burnt out – you have been worked past your limit, you are extremely tired and stressed, and you no longer take time for yourself. This leads to an overall exhaustion, lack of proper functioning, and leaves you dreading work.

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A few tips for overcoming your addiction as an executive is to:

Manage your stress level.

Everyone needs a break sometimes – even as an executive, it is okay to take a sick day or a vacation. Sometimes, you just need to take a mental health day and rejuvenate from the stress of work and life.

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, make an effort to find non-work-related activities. Search for pastimes that are relaxing and will get your mind off of things. This also begins with cutting back on overtime – it can be hard to find time for yourself when you spend all of your time at work.

Make a schedule for yourself that allows you to be as productive as you can possibly be during your normal allotted hours at work, then once the clock reaches your designated leaving time, it is time to head out for the day.


Designate tasks.

Sometimes as an executive you can feel like designating tasks is asking for help – while similar, it is not the same. You simply cannot do everything on your own. It is vital to your business, your team, and your personal mental health that you designate tasks. That is what your team is there for, after all.

Take a breather.

You can’t always take a vacation, and while sometimes it is much needed and does help, the stress can easily return once you get back to work.

It is important that you continue to take that time of relaxation though. Even if it is just making an effort to not come in on the weekends, or just to eat lunch outside of the office so that you get out of the work environment for an hour.